Events Communication and Digital Media (COMED) - Option A: Events Communication; Option B: Digital Media

The COMED Master's track trains specialists in devising communication strategies for events, campaigns, institutions and crisis. Students will build expertise in devising and managing a communication strategy in all its dimensions: external and internal communication, information campaigns, events organisation, press relations, use of new media platforms, multimedia project management and social media influence. This master degree is especially designed to welcome students with previous educational background in information-communication who particularly desire a career using new communication technologies. It also welcomes students with a previous background in scientific fields like the natural and life sciences, engineering and computer science, as well as social sciences and humanities (Economics, Law, Management, History). In such cases, students will gain market added-value by combining skills and knowledge acquired in their previous field with a MA in Communication strategies.

The COMED master’s track comprises two options. In addition to the common courses shared by both options:

Option A: Events Communication

This option makes it possible to understand the overall corporate communication strategy and more specifically all forms of event communications and to specialize in web communication, press relations and public relations.

Option B: Digital Media

This option allows to understand the global corporate communication strategy (media, non-media and digital) and, in particular, the digital levers and to specialize in digital media by addressing social media marketing, community management, creation and management of branded digital content, internet advertising and web marketing.


Skills acquired at the end of the MA in CS

Technical skills: the different aspects of communication strategy: press relation, events organisation, crisis communication, institutional communication, information campaigns, survey methods, ...

Mastery of new media: multimedia project management, website editing, ...




Communication officer in institution and companies
Project manager in institutional communication, intranet and information management,
PR and press attaché
Multimedia project manager in communication agencies
Counselling and audit in communication, website design and user-friendliness


Head of Program:

Option A & Option B: Professor Marie-Pierre Fourquet-Courbet



Course structure

Students in this track takes a core set of common courses in addition to specific courses related to their track. Classes take place on the premises of the EJCAM in Marseille. Also students are required to do two internships of minimum two months, one at the end of the first year, from April till September and the second internship from january till june at the end of year two.


Core courses: Courses are delivered in french

1st Year

Media, communication law and digital rights
Information in the digital era
Communication and marketing
Information environmental scanning
Management, enterprise and information
Methodology and tutoring
Information and Communication Theories
Web marketing 1
Prospective uses of ICTs
Internship (2 months minimum)


2nd Year:

New media and digital economy
Innovation, management of information and knowledge
Web marketing 2
Methodology and tutoring
Pedagogical and professional projects
Internship (6 months minimum)
Capstone project (master’s dissertation)


In addition to their internship report, 2nd year students are required to choose a Master’s dissertation topic. They will be assigned individual dissertation supervisors who will monitor and supervise their progress in writing up the dissertation. They will hand in their dissertation at the beginning of June and defend it before a jury of Faculty members at the end of June.


Courses specific to the Events Communication and Digital Media (COMED)

Communication strategies
Strategic information and communication for the enterprise
Principles of communication 
Audiovisual communication
Communication and design of a pedagogical project


Admission requirements

The COMED Master's track welcomes applicants with a variety of educational backgrounds, in particular applicants with a BA degree (or equivalent) in Information and Communication, Media studies; Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences, Sociology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Economics and Law. Our students come from the beautiful mediterranean region but also from all over France. We have a significant proportion of foreign students with a BA equivalent degree (subject to validation by the teaching staff and admissions commission). Admission is by application. An interview is required for entry into the 2nd year. It is possible to gain admittance through work experience or through continuous educations. In that case, a special jury will be convened to evaluate each application.