Graduate Diploma in Information & Communication Studies (BA Information & Communication)

This one year graduate degree programme opened in 2012 prepares students to work or to pursue a MA in Information, Communication and Media studies. Students can equally take entrance exams to work in sectors requiring a graduate degree level. This 3rd year Information and Communication courses track is linked to the BA degree of Public Administration (Aix-Marseille University).

Graduate courses span a diverse range of subjects in information, communication and media studies. Classes take place in the beautiful historical city of Aix-en-Provence at the EJCAM’s branch located within the Teachers’ Training College building (INSPE, Aix-en-Provence).

Classes typically run from September till April after which students go out to do internships in companies and both private and public sector organisations, NGOs in order to gain professional experience.

  • Courses are delivered in french

Semester 1 (September – December: 30 credits)

- Fundamentals of Information & Communication Studies-Level 1:

  • Introduction to the media
  • Survey methods
  • Network and ICTs
  • Introduction to networks
  • Information systems

- Economy, media and communication management

- Economy and careers in communication and the media

- Economy of Culture

- English

- Mediatised production and reception – information retrieval


Semester 2 (January – April: 30 credits)

  • Fundamentals of Information-Communication Studies-Level 2:
  • Communication project management
  • Media and Communication Law
  • Economy and careers in communication and media
  • Economy of culture
  • Professionnalisation: internship and project writing
  • Media - New Media – Writing skills


Skills acquired at the end of the course

Students who complete the graduate programme will have acquired several skills among which:

  • Sound knowledge of the fundamentals of Information and Communication Sciences, of the social, legal, economic, judicial, institutional and political environments of the media;
  • Understanding the main challenges facing the information and digital society;
  • Developing analytical and investigative skills needed in several sectors and areas of activity;
  • Understanding challenges and practices linked to the production, reception and dissemination of information, communication and media contents.


Who can apply?

Admissions are open to students who have completed two-year undergraduate studies in Information and Communication (or equivalent). Admissions are also open to undergraduates from Literatures, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Economics and media studies. Also students with similar background from all institutions of higher education (Institutes of technology, A levels) are equally eligible.



Work placement for our students are open in all fields of activities as:

  • Assistant Communication officer in agencies, companies, SMEs, organisations
  • Junior Consultant in Information-Communication
  • Project manager in Information-Communication
  • Training and consultant for SME and artisans
  • Assistant web editor (community manager, SEO ...)
  • Assistant to media managers (communication, programming, TV & radio studios, Web ...)


Head of program: Professor Philippe Hert and Dr. Alexandre Joux

Admin: Lucie Rivoire


Phone: (+33) 04 13 94 44 86


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