MA Data, Information and Digital Communication Data, Information et Communication Digitale (DICOD) – Option A: Digital Information and Communication Devices, Option B: Digital Project Management











The DICOD Master's track prepares students for the digital professions. In addition to the core courses common to all Master's tracks, DICOD has its own specific curriculum that allows students to acquire expertise in the management of digital communication projects in an interactive and mobile environment. The DICOD master’s track comprises two options. In addition to the common courses shared by both options:

Option A "Digital Information and Communication Devices" will enable students to acquire data literacy, in order to understand the stakes and challenges posed by open and big data for business intelligence, for innovation and the knowledge discovery. Students will acquire expertise on data curation, data processing methods and tools, data visualisation as well as on open data and data mediation which will enable them to work in public and private organizations such as local authorities, government agencies, corporate entities, NGOs, civic associations, etc.

Option B "Digital Project Management" trains project leaders in the areas of online marketing, digital asset management and entrepreneurship. It offers a superior course in digital communication project management in addition to those planned in the core curriculum, a 2-semester e-marketing course (Level 1 SEO and Level 2 SEA) and a course on business models of the digital economy.


Which students? Which professions?

DICOD curriculum articulates theoretical and practical courses to ensure students' professional autonomy and long-term adaptability, with work directed towards operational focus, aimed at enabling their short-term employability and optimal integration into the labor market. DICOD trains students to work in the digital professions (Community management, e-marketing project management, web project manager and digital information services, strategic & prospective watch, data specialists and mediators, etc.). It is aimed at students wishing to join digital communication agencies, corporate or public communication departments, businesses or e-commerce services or intermediation platforms (social networks, comparators, mobile applications, etc.). It is also suitable for students who have an entrepreneurial project in these fields or want to join a start-up. This track also paves the way for pursuing doctoral studies in the Information and Communication fields.

Conditions of admission:

The DICOD master’s track is open to all students holding a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Sciences (BSc). Admission is subject to review of the application package. Direct entry into the 2nd year of master is possible for holders of a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Sciences (MSc), subject to a review of the application. More specifically, DICOD welcomes applicants with:

•  a Bachelor's degree in Information-Communication

• a Bachelor's degree in Arts, Literature, Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, Political Science, Law, Economics, Management, Statistics  and Computer Science.

• a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline or with foreign diplomas (subject to validation by the teaching staff). Applications on e-candidate for the initial training opens in April of each academic year).

Enquiries on the suitability of applicants may be sent to: (for option A) (option B)


Continuing education candidates should contact Myram Attard ( / 04 91 24 32 97)