MA Health Communication in Organisations (COSAN)

The Master's track Health Communication in Organisations (COSAN) trains students who aim to become internal or external communication officers in the health sector and can manage and conduct information and communication projects on health. The training is geared towards different types of media. Students will acquire online and audiovisual writing skills, management skills and a sound knowledge of health programmes, policies and issues pertaining to ethical problems in the health sector.

This track is designed for students with a BA degree or equivalent in a scientific field (medical, paramedical, sports and human sciences) provided they demonstrate an interest in health-related information and communication issues. Other profiles can be admitted if applicants have done internships or have work experience in the health sector (hospital, laboratories, administrations, specialised magazines, prevention campaigns, services and medical information systems, …). Admission through work experience and continuous education is also possible, subject to a decision by the recruitment commission.

Skills acquired at the end of the course

Online and audiovisual news writing
Newspaper, magazine or Information bulletin design
Sound knowledge of ICTs and of the media
Website design
Knowledge of the health industry
Information and communication project management for the health sector
Knowledge and management of companies
Events organisation
History of knowledge of the body
Ethics and politics


  • Internal or external communication officer for hospitals, laboratories, health administrations
  • Prevention and information campaign officers
  • Electronic publishing and dissemination officer for paramedical and medical
  • Medical information systems, web services and intranet officer

Course structure

Students in this track takes a core set of common courses in addition to specific courses related to their track. Classes take place on the premises of the EJCAM in Marseille. Also students are required to do two internships of minimum two months, one at the end of the first year, from April till September and the second internship from january till june at the end of year two.


Courses specific to the MA track Health Communication in Organisations (COSAN)


  • Ethics of biomedical research
  • Public health
  • Writing and communication in digital environments
  • Networks and image / advertising and audiovisual communication
  • Moral, ethics, body and society
  • Press writing and online services
  • Writing, sound and video, web TV
  • Writing and magazine production

Admission requirements

The COSAN Master's track welcomes applicants with a variety of educational backgrounds, in particular applicants with a BA degree (or equivalent) in Information and Communication, Media studies; Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences, Sociology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Economics and Law. Our students come from the beautiful mediterranean region but also from all over France. We have a significant proportion of foreign students with a BA equivalent degree (subject to validation by the teaching staff and admissions commission). Admission is by application. An interview is required for entry into the 2nd year. It is possible to gain admittance through work experience or through continuous educations. In that case, a special jury will be convened to evaluate each application.

Head of program: Professor Brigitte Juanals