MA Organisational Com and Sustainable Development (OCSD)

This MA track in Organisational Communication and Sustainable Development trains specialists capable of using communication to address challenges and issues of sustainable development in the society. The issue of sustainability has become important for all organisations: sustainable development, sustainable communication etc. The concept of organisation is dealt with in all its plurality and diversity to encompass industrial, cultural, educational, environmental, economic, organisations amongst others.

The course typically runs from September till April after which students go on internships in companies or association for three months.


Courses are delivered in french

The course typically runs from September till April after which students go on internships in companies or association for three months. The internship is done both in first and second year. In the second semester of their 2nd year, students are required to choose a capstone project (master’s dissertation) and develop a research proposal. They will be assigned individual dissertation supervisors who will monitor and supervise their progress in writing up the dissertation. They will hand in their dissertation at the beginning of June and defend it before a jury of Faculty members at the end of June.


1st Year:

• Organisational communication

• Information & communication sciences theories

• New media

• Design and methodology of communication projects

• English for communication

• Professional knowledge

• Project design and management

• Communication and sustainable development


2nd year:

• Managing innovation and development projects

• Mediation of knowledge

• Analysing of public practices and policies

• Knowledge of digital tools

• Change dynamic and societal challenges

• Internship and professional project

• Dissertation, Capstone project and Defence



  • Knowledge of theories and foundations of Information and Communication Sciences in order to analyse communication situations and find adapted and sometimes original solutions to them;
  • Sound knowledge of organisational theories and characteristics of interactive, proactive networked organisations;
  • Master the stakes and practices in responsible organisational communication in conjunction with sustainable development;
  • Master communication project management process: design, implementation, influence, evaluation;
  • Master English for communication and information in a professional capacity;
  • Master the fundamentals of digital writing for information and communication;
  • Analyse activity contexts and organisational and communication categories: environmental, cultural, industrial, educational and services organisations, ecotourism, communication agencies, …
  • Master the know-how in relation to ICTs and to new medias; appropriation logic and usages of ICTs;
  • Design of communication strategies involving mediation and mediatisation practices.


Skills acquired at the end of the course

  • Graduates of the MA track in Organisational Communication and Sustainable Development will master the fundamentals of information and communication in addition to a set of technical skills. They are particularly trained for project management, from its design stage to its implementation and advertising as well as in the evaluation of communication projects. The graduates will be versatile individuals, capable of designing, directing and implementing communication strategies and projects in agencies, companies, national, local and regional governments, NGOs, foundations and associations. They will foster a dynamic of sustainable development, of social and environmental responsibility in their institutions. They are also able to bring together resources (whether financial, technical, human), agents (individual or group), as well as diverse and complementary competences.
  • Graduates are trained specialists trained able to design communication strategies in line with the development policies of their organisations, manage communication projects and ensure that they are adequately communicated within and outside their institutions. They will evaluate projects and develop added-value through communication. They will deal with institutional communication, events communication, risk communication, crisis and innovation communication. They are able to carry out an audit of enterprise culture and organisation, manage media relations, manage the image and sympathy capital of the organisations employing them. They are capable of building and fostering professional and skills networks involving ICTs.
  • Graduates will also acquire much needed information-communication skills in managing personal relations: group dynamics, negotiation, motivation and commitment of partners listening, audit and building synergies that respect individual traits, professions, and competences.



MA graduates in Communication and sustainable development can find job placements as:

  • Communication officer in charge of addressing challenges and practices of sustainable development;
  • Project manager or director in charge of design, implementation for communication groups;
  • Liberal professions, expertise in communication;
  • Consultancy and counselling in communication and sustainable development;
  • Communication counsellor for SMEs and enterprise networks;
  • Cultural communication manager, cultural and scientific mediator;
  • Developer of sustainable and eco-responsible communication projects.



The MA in Advanced Communication and media studies welcomes applicants with a variety of educational and employment backgrounds and in particular applicants with a BA degree (or equivalent) in Information and Communication; Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences, Sociology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Economics and Law. It will also welcome applications from foreign students with a BA equivalent degree (subject to validation by the teaching staff and admissions commission). Our students come from the beautiful mediterranean region but also from all over France. We have a significant proportion of foreign students.

Our students come from the mediterranean region and from all over France. We also welcome a significant proportion of foreign students (from Europe and elsewhere).



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