MA Research, studies and consulting in information-communication and media (RESCOM)

The MA in Research, studies and consulting in information-communication and media is a two-year master’s programme aimed at training professionals and specialists in Information, Communication and Media. This dual program integrates theory and practice to produce high quality PhD research candidates or professionals. This MA specialty is therefore geared to welcome students motivated in developing research and projects that require a triple competence:

  • Analysis, comprehension, synthesis, writing, in a research capacity, design and project monitoring
  • Sound grasp of challenges raised by communication technologies: students are trained and oriented in the context of their professional specialties (semesters 1 and 2).
  • Sound knowledge of action research methods: implementation of different methods and tools (surveys, social media management for example). These methods and tools may be under developed in conjunction with ongoing research (European-funded projects or National Research Agency) or in partnerships with companies.


Courses are delivered in french

The course typically runs from September till April after which students go on internships in companies or association for three months. In the first year of the MA in Advanced Communication and Media Studies, students will take some courses in common with the other professional MA tracks offered by the school. In the second semester of their 2nd year, students are required to choose complete a capstone project (master’s dissertation). They will be assigned individual dissertation supervisors who will monitor and supervise their progress in writing up the dissertation. They will hand in their dissertation at the beginning of June and defend it before a jury of Faculty members at the end of June.


1st Year:

- Specialised communication

- Methodology, research and expertise

- English


2nd Year:

- 4 modules in specialised communication:

- Media and society

- Organisational communication and sustainable development

- Digital strategy for the media

- Methodology and action research

- English

- Capstone project (dissertation) and Defence


Course outcomes

Students can either pursue a Doctorate in Information and Communication Sciences at the end of their degree or seek executive career opportunities requiring a high level of analytical and methodological rigour in the education, public or private research sectors.

Graduates are multitalented and polyvalent individuals with have the ability to deliver expertise and orientation in several areas. The pluridisciplinary, theoretical and practical approach will enable degree holders to adjust to multiple changes encountered in their continuously evolving area of professional practice.



The high level of theoretical and methodological rigour ensures that degree holders witness rapid career evolution. Job opportunities are available in different areas requiring expertise either as consultant, project manager or assistant engineer with the possibility of doing research. MA graduates can aspire to executive positions in different organisations and companies as project or assignments managers in various information, communication and fields as:

  • Editor, editorial manager
  • Project, media and multimedia services manager
  • Consultants in “green” communication strategy, for sustainable development and environmental responsibility;
  • Managers for organisational communication (private and public sectors): corporate communications, event communications, innovation and crisis communication, communication and ICTs;
  • Project managers, program managers in media and communication agencies;
  • Head of information services and information systems incorporating the use of ICTs.


As further examples, our MA students can find work in the following areas:

  1. Careers in the cultural sector and organisations with three main types of positions:

- Knowledge mediation and scientific publishing;

- Jobs related to the emergence of sustainable development problematics;

- Consultancy (change management in organisations);

- Communication and cultural mediation.

  1. Jobs in web applications design:

- e-commerce, conception/dissemination of web services (CRM, management of supplier services);

- Social media manager and strategic analysis of digital media;

- Careers as knowledge management (e-learning project manager, knowledge manager).


Admission requirements

The MA in Advanced Communication and Media Studies welcomes applicants with a variety of educational and employment backgrounds. Applicants with a BA degree in Information and Communication; Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences, Sociology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Economics and Law are particularly welcome. It also welcomes applications from foreign students with a BA equivalent degree (subject to validation by the teaching staff and admissions commission). Our students come from the beautiful mediterranean region but also from all over France as well as from abroad.



Head of Program: Dr. Alexandre Joux

Admin contact: Lucie Rivoire


Phone: (+33) 04 13 94 44 86