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Application and Registration


The EJCAMs' courses will evolve as from September 2024. The school, with forty-one years of experience, renews its training program to better correspond to the needs of the socio-economic worlds of communication, media and digital technology. Academic excellence, professional integration and the well-being of its students continue to guide the work of the EJCAMs' teams.

If you wish to study at the School of Journalism and Communication of Aix-Marseille, the application and registration procedures depend on the course you wish to follow and your situation.


Apply for a Master's degree in Journalism


Apply for a Master's degree in Information & Communication (IC)


Apply for a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Information & Communication course


Students in continuing education


Information on administrative registration for candidates whose applications have been accepted during the 2024-2025 recruitment campaign will be published at a later date.