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EJCAM is firmly committed to lifelong learning. There is a growing need for employees to retrain or improve their skills, particularly in the field of information technology. Thus, the school opens its courses to students registered in the framework of continuing education, subject to acceptance of their application. The courses concerned are the following:

  • The University of Aix-Marseille is QUALIOPI certified

    A reliable and unique benchmark that certifies the quality of the delivery process of the actions contributing to the development of competencies, delivered by independent certifiers, following a rigorous and standardized awarding process.

    A guarantee of quality

    On July 31, 2020, the quality certificate was issued to the University of Aix-Marseille for the following categories:

    • Training activities
    • Skills assessment
    • Actions allowing the validation of acquired experience

    Our Certifications on AMU continuing education :

  • Validation of Professional Experience (VAP)

    The validation of professional experience (V.A.P.) allows direct entry into a university program without the required diploma*, by validating professional experience (salaried or not), training courses taken, or personal experience developed outside of any training system.

  • Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

    The candidate must complete an application form detailing his or her professional experience and acquired skills, demonstrating his or her ability to think and analyze. The candidate may choose to be accompanied during this process, and this accompaniment can be done at a distance, after which he or she presents himself or herself before a selection jury, which decides to validate all or part of the diploma. In the case of partial validation of prior learning, indications are offered to the candidate to obtain the full diploma.

    EJCAM provides the final evaluation (jury).

    Please contact Myriam Attard for more information on the procedure.

  • Financing

    If you are a job seeker

    • As a trainee in continuing education, if your project is validated by Pôle Emploi, your compensation will be maintained during the training activities; your allowance for return to work (ARE) will then become Allocation de Recherche d'Emploi Formation (AREF).
    • The financing of the training by Pôle Emploi concerns job seekers whose training project, intended to help them return to work, is approved; you must therefore contact your Pôle Emploi advisor before the start of the training.
    • NB: Financing within the framework of the attribution of an AIF (Aide Individuelle à la Formation) is not systematic: this aid is granted based on a decision by the Regional Director of Pôle Emploi, and its amount is determined on a case-by-case basis.
    Document to be downloaded and given to the Pôle Emploi advisor

    If you are an employee

    To finance your training, please contact your employer's Human Resources Department to find out if there are any possibilities for funding (particularly in the context of the training plan).

    If your employer cannot cover the cost of the training, he/she should contact the OPCO (Opérateur de Compétence - ex OPCA), which is an accredited collective body depending on the professional sector and which could finance you. You can also find out about the Personal Training Account (CPF) and the CPF for professional transition.

    For non-salaried workers (licensed professional, farmers, craftsmen, shopowners, independent workers, etc.):

    Contact your training insurance fund (F.I.F.-P.L., AGEFICE, F.A.P.-P.M,...)

    If you suffer from a handicap

    You can apply to AGEFIPH (Fund for the professional integration of disabled people).

    If you are a beneficiary of the RSA (Revenu de Solidarité Active)

    Contact a social worker from the CAF and the Local Integration Center to validate your training project.

    Students under 26 years old

    Contact the local mission closest to your home.

    In the context of self-financing

    You are financing your training yourself: in this case, when you register, you will have the possibility of setting up a payment schedule for the payment of your training fees (bring a bank account number), or of writing several checks (3 maximum).

If you wish to apply for Continuing Education, do not hesitate to contact Myriam Attard for more information on the procedure.


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