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  • Initial training - continuing education
  • 120 credits
  • 243€ (registration fee for initial training)
  • EJCAM (Site INSPE) - 2 Av Jules Isaac, 13626 Aix-en-Provence
  • Objectives

    This Master's degree Year 2 trains students for careers in information. It offers, on the one hand, common courses devoted to the transversal problems of production and social exchanges of information in a multidisciplinary perspective and, on the other hand, more specialised and professionalising courses corresponding to two professional sectors and two distinct classes of students.

    Consulting, Influential Communication and Public Relations (PR)

    Mainly targets communication and strategic support for corporate public affairs departments.

    The Journalism and International Issues Professions (JIIP)

    Provides a mastery of editorial issues within multimedia editorial offices and in an international context, with a focus on investigation and long-form formats (e.g. mooks, news documentaries).

  • For which students? For which careers?

    The training includes lectures and theoretical courses as well as practical work. It requires a very good general culture and a good command of written and oral expression. A good level of English is also necessary for careers in which the international dimension is central. Moreover, the professional opportunities associated with the various courses require a high degree of autonomy on the part of the students recruited and an ability to project themselves into complex professional environments. The positions targeted by the different tracks are primarily those of Project Manager (public and private executive offices); Communication Director (political, institutional, event-based, crisis and web communication); Consultant and research officer (strategy, communication, consultation, media relations); Public Affairs and Relations Officer; Editorial Director, multi-media editor (press, radio, TV, Web), specialized journalist (political, institutional, international).
    Depending on the path chosen, the graduate will be able to :

    • implement techniques and tools for producing information and master the main genres of journalism
    • think and advise media companies in their positioning strategies
    • master the techniques and principles necessary for the development of public, electoral and/or lobbying communication campaigns
    • prescribe and make strategic recommendations to public and political decision-makers
    • manage and use the following decision-making tools: information monitoring, influence strategy, drafting of alert and positioning notes, analysis of controversies, strategic recommendations, media and web opinion analysis documents, advocacy techniques

    To learn more about the targeted professions:

  • Admission requirements

    Access to the various courses in the Information Studies specialization is granted after obtaining a BAC + 4, after studying the application file. Applications are made from the IEP Aix-en-Provence website between February and June. The following students are accepted:

    • Holders of a Master's degree year 1 Information-Communication from EJCAM;
    • Holders of a Master's degree year 1 in Political Science from the IEP of Aix-en-Provence;
    • Holders of a Master's degree 1 in Information and Communication Sciences, Political Science, Arts, Letters, Languages, Human and Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Management;
    • Holders of a Master's degree in another discipline or foreign diplomas (subject to validation by the teaching staff and the Teaching Commission).

    Information on the partnership between EJCAM and Sciences Po Aix

    The partnership between EJCAM and Science Po Aix ensures the sharing of all the teaching provided by the professors, the network of professionals and the material resources (radio studio, TV) of both establishments.

    Each class is involved in pedagogical projects in a professional context directly commissioned by public or private organizations (local authorities, associations, think-tanks, consulting firms) and supervised by the master's teaching staff.

    The program encourages long internships (between 3 and 6 months for the Consulting program) and two differentiated internships for the International Journalism program (each lasting a maximum of 12 weeks). Internships can take place in France and abroad.

  • Internships and supervised projects

    School-company tutored projects during the training, depending on the options chosen, to meet the objective of professional specialization in the information professions. Additional professionalisation courses: media training, professional English and a session dedicated to job search and career management. Six months internship possible at the end of the second year for the PR option, including a mandatory 12 weeks internship. Two 3 months' periods each internships for the JIIP option, including 12 weeks of mandatory internship.

  • Applications

    Application procedures: applications must be submitted on the Sciences Po Aix website on the following dates:

    • 1st session from 6 February to 29 March 2023
    • 2nd session from 27 April to 12 June 2023



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