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An exhibition and a conference on "fake news" at INSPE on November 21, 2023

31 octobre 2023
photo d'illustration fake news

"Fake news: art, fiction, lies" is the theme of an exhibition organised by the Center for Media, Education and Information on November 21 at the library of the National Higher Institute of Teaching and Education in Aix-en-Provence. The aim is to provide guidance for secondary school curricula.
The exhibition's main target audience is masters that train future teachers of secondary schools. As more and more teenagers go online, we need to protect them from the dangers of fake news by training them to sort out the real from the fake information published daily on digital social networks.
Participants will discover how the fake news industry draws on the techniques of art to manufacture and disseminate false information. The misleading content circulating online is so diverse in nature that it cannot all be classified under the generic label of fake news. For this reason, the public will be made aware of researcher Claire Wardle's typology.
In addition to the exhibition at the university library, Marc Bassoni, teacher-researcher at the Aix-Marseille School of Journalism and Communication, will host a conference on the subject of "Professional journalism facing fake news: an effective antidote or a remedy with random effects".
The day will close with a screening of pockets of films produced by INSPE students to help them spot fake news, and a poster presentation on the pedagogical implementation of critical thinking education.
The exhibition and conference are organized by the Aix-Marseille Universitys' Libraries as part of a new thematic cycle on misinformation and fake news entitled "The truth in question: understanding the mechanisms of misinformation". The detailed program is available here.

Axel Gontcho