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  • M1 CODD/Traveling grocery store for students

    M1 CODD/Traveling grocery store for students

    Within the framework of the course "Project management in communication", our students (Ikram REMMACHE, Célia BOUDOU, Claire GNIDULA, Alexia RABEL) set up a solidarity grocery store, with fresh and local products, intended to come to the aid of the students, to fight against the precariousness of th […]
  • Students in Com/Exhibition Bauhaus

    Students in Com/Exhibition Bauhaus

    As part of the course "Theory of Information and Communication Sciences", the students of EJCAM in Master 1 studied the Bauhaus movement. The total works of art inspired by the Bauhaus movement and realized by the students were to be discovered on October 25, 2021 on the site of Virgile Marron.