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Internship information

Although the health situation related to COVID-19 makes cross-border travel more difficult, it is once again possible to do an international internship. However, some areas are still considered at risk. The conditions and procedures for reaching your destination vary from one country to another.

Consult the Ministry of the Interior website for the latest government guidelines on international travel

Continuing education students

Print the FORCO agreement and fill it out completely before giving it to Mrs. Attard.

Students in initial training

The agreement must be drawn up in IPRO.

Two steps for the IPRO procedure


Request for authorization of the internship, addressed directly to your IPRO educational supervisor


Internship agreement, to be filled in as soon as the authorization is validated. The agreement is automatically sent to your school administrator (C. Gorra : M1 and M2 Journalism, COMED A & B COSAN and DICOD A & B; Aix: L. Rivoire)

At the end of your internship, don't forget to have your company tutor fill out the internship evaluation form and send it to the EJCAM school department.
If you wish to extend your internship, change the hours or location of your internship, please contact your manager. An amendment to your initial agreement must be drawn up.

IPRO Head of programs

  • Bachelor Degree (3rd year) : Marc BASSONI & Philippe HERT
  • M1 & M2 JOURNALISM: Pauline AMIEL & Stéphane CABROLIE
  • M1 & M2 CODD: Alexandre JOUX
  • M1 & M2 COMED A: Alexandre JOUX
  • M1 & M2 COMED B: Marie-Pierre FOURQUET-COURBET
  • M1 & M2 COSAN: Brigitte JUANALS
  • M1 & M2 DICOD A: Fidelia IBEKWE
  • M1 & M2 DICOD B: Félix WEYGAND
  • M1 & M2 RECICOM : Alexandre JOUX
  • M2 PR & MJEI: Alexandre JOUX

DRI Info

If you are doing an internship abroad, you can apply for a mobility grant.